TubeTV brings latest and greatest unique YouTube videos to YOU! Just launch an app and sit back. No more browsing or going back and forth. Just keep watching :) !!

If you are casual YouTube user who browse for the best videos (popular\trending\top rated\most shared) then this app will help you! It plays best videos in TV mode. TubeTV does not repeat videos by default(so you always see new videos) . This is single screen app with no browsing yet provides support to skip or go back. Sometime its OK to not know whats coming next :). You can select category (Sports, Education, TED Talks etc) that interests you and starts playing video from that category. You can search for videos, share with your friends, PlayTo XBox. You can also keep track of favorite videos or add video to watch later queue.

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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy!! TubeTV does not transmit or save your information outisde your PC.